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I HAD A DREAM………..that I had to take a Reiki course. I FOLLOWED MY INTUITION LISTENED TO MY HEART AND BECAME A REIKI MASTER. Helping me on my journey was the Kermode Bear and the Rose. The Kermode (Ker Moh Dee) is a Spirit bear. The bear brings inner strength, growth, and renewal. The rose brings stability, peace, and balance.

"I’m here to share, guide and teach what I have learned on my journey to help you live in peace and harmony. "

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Certification & Training

I am a certified Reiki Master & Emotion Code Practitioner with extensive knowledge in Chakra and Crystal healing. I have been practicing Reiki & Emotion Code and have honed my skills in providing energy healing through the use of different techniques. My passion is to share, guide and help individuals find inner peace, balance, and harmony to live their authentic life.


  • Emotion Code Practitioner

  • Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master

  • Usui Shiji Ryoho Reiki Master

  • Advanced Crystal Healing

  • Advanced Chakra Healing

Training & Knowledge
  • Sound Bowls and Tuning Forks for healing

  • Akashic Records

  • Mediumship

  • Hypnotherapy for Past Life

  • Card Reading

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a method of stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. The practice of Reiki was developed by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui in 1922. The word Reiki is a Japanese term for universal life-force energy. Reiki comes from two words, “Rei” and “Ki.” Rei is the universal spirit, or higher power. “Ki”is the universal life energy and is the primary energy for emotions, thoughts, and spiritual life. When this life energy is working properly, you feel strong and healthy. If you have any negative thoughts, feelings, or emotions,“Ki” becomes unhealthy and the flow is interrupted causing you issues.

When Reiki is activated, it impacts the energetic systems of the body to promote healing. Reiki practitioners train and learn how to connect with universal life force energy and can direct this energy to the receiver.

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What is Holy Fire® III Reiki

Holy Fire® III Reiki is the newest evolution of Reiki with stronger healing energy and higher frequency. Reiki means “life force energy” and is a Japanese holistic healing system developed by Dr. Mikao Usui. It comes from a higher level of consciousness and provides purification, healing, empowerment, and guidance. The practitioner uses hand positions and Tibetan symbols to assist in channeling the ‘life force energy’ of Reiki. The focus of Reiki is to relieve stress and pain, increase relaxation, and release emotional blockages. Holy Fire® III Reiki has no lineage, and the energy of the Reiki practitioner is not passed to the client or student as with the lower versions of Reiki. It supports other medical modalities and is safe for anyone including animals.

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International Centre for Reiki Training

Holy Fire® is the registered service mark of William Lee Rand.

“Living with balance, peace and stability for your mind, body and soul is possible if you are open, willing and believe. I believe that when you release low vibration issues, the body will heal. Resulting in reduced physical symptoms, improved emotional well-being, increased resilience, energy, and vitality.”

Benefits Of Holy Fire® III Reiki

Holy Fire® Reiki is a powerful form of healing that offers many benefits to practitioners and recipients alike. Some of the key benefits of Holy Fire® Reiki include increased relaxation, stress relief, emotional healing, physical healing, and spiritual growth. This form of Reiki can also help to release negative energy, promote a sense of wellbeing and balance, enhance intuition and psychic ability, and increase one’s connection to the divine. Holy Fire® Reiki is a gentle yet powerful form of healing that can transform lives and promote health and happiness at all levels.

Holy Fire® is the registered service mark of William Lee Rand.

Increase Energy

Reduce Depression, Tension, Stress, Anxiety

Improved Sleep / Mood

Mental Clarity

Alleviate Pain

Increase Emotional Wellness

Release Low Vibration Spirit Attachments

Increase Feelings Of Peace, Joy And Love

Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is a form of energy work where I help people literally get rid of their emotional baggage. The technique works to identify and release Trapped Emotions, which are harmful emotional energies from negative past events. Trapped Emotions can cause sadness and anxiousness. Trapped Emotions can block people from feeling love and happiness and make them feel disconnected from others. Because Trapped Emotions are made of energy, just like the rest of the body, they exert an influence on the physical tissues, and can cause acute soreness and even more serious issues. Releasing Trapped Emotions makes conditions right for the body to heal itself physically, and emotional difficulties often disappear or become much easier to handle.

Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

About Emotion Code

When I work on clients, they are totally surprised at what trapped emotions are identified, the age they occurred, and who they inherited or absorbed the emotion from. There can be many layers of emotions and can take several sessions to release completely. Sometimes, clients have forgotten about an incident or thought they dealt with an emotion, until it comes forward to be released.

I do not have control over what emotions come forward to be released or how many trapped emotions can be released in a session. You will not relive any situation and are perfectly safe. I can’t read your mind, but I do connect with your subconscious. It is not remembering what happened but the release of the emotion itself that matters. Once an emotion is released, the body is free to heal itself if the conditions are right. Everyone experiences a session differently.

Emotion Code is a gentle and effective energy technique that may be used on anybody of any age, as well as all animals. It can be performed in-person or distant and results are the same. Connecting with your subconscious, I work directly on you for an in-person session. For distant sessions I use myself as a proxy and still connect with your subconscious. Using a magnet or my hand, I will release trapped emotions that come forward. Children and animals need parental/guardian consent.

Working with the Emotion Code and the confirmation that I received from individuals has led me to become a true believer. " You have to try it to believe it."

This is my story of working with Emotion Code on animals. Our dog Kona came to us at 8 weeks. He always had a shake in his front legs when standing. It was very noticeable and never went away. Kona was 6 years old when I started learning the Emotion Code. He was the first animal that I practiced on. I went through the process for an Emotion Code session, the trapped emotions that released for him were hatred and insecurity. This made sense to me as he was probably a puppy mill dog. His shake literally stopped right in front of me, and it has never returned. Emotion code is quick, simple, and amazing.


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